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Sardiña Law P.A. is a full service business law firm based in Coral Gables, FL providing aggressive and strategic legal representation to business owners, corporations and individuals with their legal needs throughout Florida. Our firm’s main focus is in the areas of Corporate Law, Litigation, Investment Visas, and Immigration Law.   Our firm has extensive experience in drafting, enforcing, and litigating business agreements, contracts, and documentations. We strategically handle all aspects of business investment national and international, and provide a sound business judgment assuring each and every one of our clients have exceptional legal representation to better their chances of obtaining positive results. 


Our vision is to proactively solve and address your legal matters by providing individualized and customized service to your specific situation. We become your trusted legal advisor to help navigate legal issues that may regularly arise. As a firm dedicated to commitment, we like to walk alongside our clients to formulate air-tight strategies suited of your individual situation. Our depth of experience is a key asset for our clients and enhances the quality of work we deliver.

We pride ourselves on our service and our commitment – not only to our clients, but the community at large.

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