Through this website, you can set up a telephonic consultation with Attorney Yasser Sardina. The consultation has a cost of $70 which can be paid securely through the link below with a paypal account or credit card. Once you have completed the corresponding payment below, you will receive a telephonic call within 24 hours to 48 hours.

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Why a private consultation?

A consultation is an absolute necessity for any person seriously considering immigrating to the United States. Without such a consultation it is probable the attorney will never have the necessary information and pertinent circumstances to advice of the best and most efficient options for the client and his family. At the same time, the client has questions that require personalized responses to their situation, business, or profession. Equally, the consultation is the ideal occasion for the client to evaluate the attorney and decide if he is the appropriate attorney for the immigration process and assess that the attorney is versed in the relevant area. SL Sardina Law P.A. is a prestigious legal firm located in Miami, Florida, United States. The firm’s objective is to represent its clients in an efficient manner as they request relief under our immigration laws. Our final goal is to provide you with the best personal service to make this process the most viable possible.

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