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Part of the immigration process for some people who want to come to the United States is to make an asylum claim. Asylum is the process by which someone who has arrived at a point of entry into the United States or someone who is in the United States makes a claim to remain in the country legally based on legal requirements. This is usually done for reasons of political upheaval or imminent threat of violence due to certain legally protected categories. However, there are strict requirements for when the government will grant a person asylum and there are no guarantees that all claims will be approved which is the reason you should always consult with legal counsel. Our office can be of assistance and our offices in Coral Gables can provide the legal guidance as your asylum attorneys in this complex system.


There are numerous factors to consider regarding how the asylum process works and how asylum lawyers help their clients.


Who is eligible to claim asylum?


The U.S. government only allows certain individuals to claim asylum. The person must demonstrate that they have a credible fear of persecution or harm in their home country. Those who are serious about entering the U.S. to claim asylum should speak with our asylum attorneys in Coral Gables to assess their eligibility.


These reasons include people who are facing religious persecution in their home country, displacement by war and violent conflict, or a well founded fear that such problems will occur in the future. The persecution must be based on one of a few protected groups, such as race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. When these kinds of issues are present, the lawyer can help the individual present their case to the proper immigration authorities to gain lawful access to the United States. The government also tends to reject asylum claims that do not meet all the requirements, so it is of utmost importance for the claimant to work closely with their legal counsel.


What can our asylum lawyers in Coral Gables do to help a person with the immigration process?


Legal counsel is always beneficial to anyone who plans on applying for asylum in the United States. An asylum attorney in Coral Gables has extensive experience with immigration laws and the procedures related to the asylum process. This can include filing various documents and applications, as well as attending interviews or immigration court hearings on the applicant’s behalf when necessary. Immigration law is also a very dynamic field that changes constantly with each administration, and attorneys who practice in this area need to be aware of new laws and other updates to the federal immigration system.


All immigration matters are time sensitive as well. Lawyers are very aware of the timing and deadlines associated with submitting documentation. Missing deadlines can result in delays or even the denial of the asylum claim altogether. The asylum attorney will work with the claimant to ensure that everything is filed within the relevant timeframe, including responses to any inquiries from the government. Our office in the Miami, Coral Gables area have represented clients all over the United States with their asylum claim.


Documentation that proves the legitimacy of an asylum claim


Asylum applications often require extensive documentation, including evidence of persecution and supporting affidavits. It is also helpful if the applicant has official government documents to prove their country of origin, date of birth, and other important details. Lawyers can help gather and organize this evidence, ensuring that it is presented effectively to strengthen the client's case. Our Coral Gables asylum lawyers organize all of the gathered documents into a presentation that can help convince a judge that the applicant needs their claim approved. They may also draft legal arguments that provide support for the asylum claim, with citations to relevant laws and precedents. Like most other cases, the asylum attorney will have to advocate on the client’s behalf and convince the government that the claim should be approved based on the legal requirements and the specific facts particular to each asylum case.


Sometimes documents that support the asylum claim will need to be translated from another language into English, and it needs to be factually consistent with any statements the applicant made to immigration authorities. Our asylum lawyers in Coral Gables work with their clients to ensure that the asylum application and interviews will appear legitimate, and that translations are done properly. Inconsistencies can be used against the applicant, so maintaining their credibility through a consistent story supported by various documents is vital.


How is witness testimony used to improve an asylum claim?


An important form of evidence in various legal cases is witness testimony, and asylum claims are no exception. A witness can provide testimony to show their knowledge of how the claimant was affected by conditions such as war, religious persecution, or persecution based on gender. The witness will be familiar with the current conditions in the claimant’s home nation and other relevant political matters. A claimant’s knowledge and documentation may be imperfect in some respects. In situations where an asylum seeker might not have access to certain documents or details about their persecution, witnesses can fill in gaps that are important to the immigration authorities. Witnesses may have knowledge of events or incidents that the asylum seeker might not be aware of or might not have documentation for, yet these events can be crucial to establish the legitimacy of the asylum claim. An expert witness can also be necessary in some cases to give more detailed testimony. Expert witnesses, such as psychologists or individuals with expertise in the country's conditions, may be called upon to provide testimony that is unique and contains depth about what an asylum seeker from a certain country is experiencing. Our experienced asylum lawyers in Coral Gables help prepare any witnesses who will testify at a trial or hearing.

Additional information from asylum attorneys in Coral Gables


Sardina Law is a firm that handles asylum claims and other immigration law matters in Coral Gables FL. They can provide more information to those who have concerns about their asylum case or any related issues.

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