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Deportation Law Firm in Coral Gables

Deportation lawyers have the important job of helping someone who may potentially have to leave the United States. This is a complex process that can include many different potential defenses, and it is important that each individual who is facing deportation get advice that is specific to their situation. 


Here is a brief overview of deportation that explains what happens during this process and if there is anything a person can do to try to avoid being deported.


What is deportation?


Deportation is a process where the federal government attempts to remove a person from the country. Only those who are not full U.S. citizens can be deported. Even permanent residents can loose their status and be placed in removal proceedings and ultimately face deportation. This is usually done because the person did not have proper permission to be present in the United States, remained in the United States after expiration of their alloted stay or they committed certain crimes after entering. Deportation is essentially the most severe form of immigration enforcement that is reserved for people who the U.S. government believes should not be allowed in the country. The avoid the potential for deportation, those who have visas or other immigration permissions should try not commit and criminal offenses and they should be honest and truthful in any immigration documents filed with the government.


Why does the U.S. government attempt to deport certain individuals?


Deportation is a process that the United States government uses at times to promote security interests and enforce the federal immigration laws. The deportation process is sometimes called removal, and it is the method that the government uses to force a person to leave the United States and return to their country of origin. Our deportation defense attorneys in Coral Gables FL routinely help those facing deportation attempt to remain in the country, and they assist with various related immigration issues as well.


The reasons for deportation


There are generally a few different categories of reasons why a person is deported. These include crimes and violations of other immigration laws in most cases. However, there are also a few other reasons why the government can attempt to remove a person through deportation even if they have not committed a crime. If a person wants to remain in the country, they should have a visa or other valid permission to stay. When the government finds a person does not have proper immigration authorization, this is a common reason why they may be deported. If a person is considered a public charge, it means that they are reliant on government assistance. Because the government does not like to spend excessive amounts of money on those who cannot support themselves, people who are considered public charges can be deported.


How does a deportation attorney help a person who is facing removal from the country?


If the federal government is trying to deport someone, this can be a stressful and frustrating experience. However, it is important to realize that the person has a right to a hearing, and our deportation lawyers in Coral Gables FL can be a great asset at these times. As in other cases where a person’s individual rights and freedoms are in jeopardy, legal counsel can be obtained and a proper legal strategy can be the difference between deportation or being able to remain in the country. In some cases, deportation lawyers may negotiate with government attorneys to explore alternatives to removal, such as voluntary departure or deferred action. Deportation lawyers may also seek a stay of removal to temporarily halt deportation proceedings while pursuing legal remedies.


What are the most common defenses to deportation?


When a person is represented by our Coral Gables deportation lawyers, throughout the deportation process, there may be certain defenses available. Depending on the specific facts surrounding their case, the defendant may be able to raise relevant issues that factor into defenses from deportation.


If a person is eligible for a green card to become a permanent resident, they may avoid deportation. This is usually because of relevant employment that provides work authorization, or other family members already legally present in the country. If a person has a legitimate asylum claim due to factors such as war or religious persecution, they can avoid deportation as well. The government may also cancel their own removal request if the person subject to deportation can demonstrate a long period of residence in the country while displaying good moral character. Victims of certain crimes can also be granted a U or T visa if they cooperate with law enforcement. These visa holders are exempt from deportation. Another special program called DACA, where children were brought into the country illegally by their parents as minors, can provide protection from deportation. Coral Gables deportation attorneys can work with any client to see which defenses are available and advocate on the person’s behalf.


Is it possible to file an appeal after someone has been deported?


There are limited ways for our Coral Gables deportation lawyers to file appeals once a person has been formally deported. The Board of Immigration Appeals allows for an appeal to be filed within thirty days of a judge’s order from the immigration court. However, it is possible that the board will simply uphold the order and take no action to help the person avoid deportation. Our Coral Gables deportation attorney can exhaust all appeals to try to stop the government from forcing the defendant to return to their home country.


Additional information from our Coral Gables deportation attorneys.


There is more information available about various immigration issues such as visas, green cards, citizenship, and deportation. The experienced deportation lawyers at Sardina Law P.A. in Coral Gables FL can provide representation.

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