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One of the most common immigration issues that a person has when coming to the United States is the process to get their visa. The U.S. federal government issues many visas each year to people who take various kinds of jobs, and this document is a requirement for anyone who wants to enter the country, stay for an extended period of time, and work legally. Here is a brief overview of the reasons to get a visa and how Coral Gables visa lawyers can help anyone who is applying. 


Entering the country on a visa and security concerns


The United States is a country where millions of people come from other nations each year for various purposes. U.S. Customs and Border Protection is an agency that exists to monitor who is entering the country for reasons such as security and crime prevention. This means that they only want to allow people into the country on visas who have legitimate purposes tied to work and studying. Visa attorneys in Coral Gables can speak with anyone who may raise security concerns due to things like a prior criminal record, which may compromise their ability to obtain a visa or other immigration permissions.


This process of lawful entry into the United States is the most important reason to obtain a visa before arrival. A person who does not yet have their visa, but is trying to enter the country to work will likely be denied entry. If this is an unexpected event, it can result in large amounts of lost time and money, which is why having the visa before any travel plans are made is important. Visa attorneys in Coral Gables can be contacted well in advance of any work starting dates to avoid potential issues with lawful entry.


How long does a work visa last?


Knowing the duration of a visa is also important information to obtain with the help of Coral Gables visa attorneys. Each visa will have a specific period of stay, and if the individual plans on staying longer, they may require additional legal assistance. A visa must either be renewed before this period expires, or the individual who is the visa holder needs to leave the U.S.


The work authorization provided by a visa is only temporary, but there are other options for those who want to become citizens or stay in the country long term. Those who intend to work in the United States permanently must obtain either permanent residency through their greed card or full citizenship. Coral Gables visa lawyers can assist those who have immigration concerns with these issues as well.


Can a work permit be renewed by Coral Gables visa lawyers?


One of the main reasons people contact visa lawyers in Coral Gables is to renew their prior work authorization. An attorney can determine if the person is eligible to renew, and give them further guidance if they are able to stay and work longer pending their renewal. Having a proper and timely renewal application is crucial, as a person who stays in the country beyond their visa’s expiration date does so illegally and they can technically be deported or face other serious consequences that can affect their ability to work and remain in the country in the future. 


What kinds of supporting documentation may be required with a visa application?


The government may ask for various kinds of documentation to show that a person is legitimately going to need work permission in the United States. Visa attorneys in Coral Gables can help gather, prepare, and submit any supporting documentation that is required.


It is common for the government to want to see a current and valid passport from another country, which helps prove the applicant’s identity. Photos that meet the size requirements for a U.S. passport are generally required as well.


A form called a DS-160 is also required to be submitted with the visa application. This will likely need to be submitted with documents that prove a person is going to be working for a business or attending a school during their stay. Those who have other special conditions beyond a standard work visa will also need documentation to prove things such as family sponsorship, investments in a company, or extraordinary abilities.


Does every person need a visa?


As a general rule, those who want to work in the United States should obtain their visa. However, there are certain exceptions that may be available. For example, people staying ninety days or less, as well as those eligible for certain Visa Waiver Programs can bypass the visa requirement. If a person intends to enter the U.S. without a visa, they should get advice from Coral Gables visa attorneys first to ensure that they will not need one.


How visa attorneys in Coral Gables can help


People who plan on working in the United States legally will have to apply for, and receive a visa from the federal government. However, visa applications can be difficult to complete correctly and not all visa applicants are approved. This makes it crucial to seek out the services of visa lawyers in Coral Gables to expedite the process and minimize the chances of rejection.


The Coral Gables visa lawyers will ensure that the applicant is applying for the proper category of visa. There are many different visa types, and each applicant needs to make sure they are asking the government for the right kind of permission that reflects their situation. If the visa is denied for any reason, it is possible that the lawyer can file a request for reconsideration to make sure that there was a legitimate denial and no mistakes were made by the government.


Visa lawyers in Coral Gables can provide more information


Sardina Law P.A. is a trusted firm that handles all aspects of the visa and immigration process. Anyone who needs help can contact their attorneys to learn more about getting a visa and related concerns such as renewals.

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